Photo: PMO

Orbán: No one to be ‘left behind’

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared on Sunday that no one would be "left behind" and the government would provide help to people in need during the latest lockdown.

In a video message on Facebook, the prime minister said people whose lives would be harder due to the new restrictions taking effect from Monday would receive material help.

The government will pay half the wages of people working in the services that have now been suspended, such as hairdressers, beauticians, and shop assistants.

Also, it has scrapped employer contributions in the relevant sectors for March, and companies affected by the lockdown will not have to pay rent to the state or municipalities.

Further, business taxes for small firms will be waived in March, he added.

“The next two weeks will be really tough,” Orban said, citing more shop closures and the suspension of many services.

Meanwhile, the prime minister said the people of Hungary must weigh in on important questions for the future such has how to lift restrictions and in how many stages and to what extent. Further, he said the National Consultation survey would also seek opinions on the conditions attached to vaccine certificates.

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