Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán in talks on ‘importance of peace’ with Circle of Batthyany Professors head

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday received Lajos Kollar, the head of the Circle of Batthyany Professors, in his office, the Prime Minister's press chief said in a statement.

Kollar briefed Orbán about the scientific body’s work in the recent period, and they also discussed key challenges facing Hungary amid a period of war, demographic and economic problems, and challenges to national sovereignty, the statement said.

Regarding conflicts, “which are becoming increasingly dangerous and extensive”, the two officials emphasised the importance of peace, it added, referring to a declaration issued by the Batthyany Circle in March that highlighted the necessity of avoiding a world war and striving for peace.

Kollar offered the Circle’s assistance to the government in professional and scientific matters, Bertalan Havasi said in the statement.

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