Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán: Hungary’s opponents want to take away country’s sovereignty

Hungary's opponents want to use the crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine to force a return to the era of former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany "when the country's fate was decided abroad", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a closed-door meeting of MPs of ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats, according to an online report by daily Magyar Nemzet.

The coming year will be about these opponents trying to “bring Hungary to its knees and take away its sovereignty”, the paper cited Orbán as telling the meeting in Esztergom, in northern Hungary, on Wednesday.

“The stakes this year are extremely high because the Soros empire, bolstered by the governing Democrats in the US are launching a Goliath-like attack in the majority of European countries against the right-wing media and nationally-minded parties that are often in politics without any money,” Orbán said.

“It’s clear that in America, where this matters, they want to send [former US president Donald] Trump straight to prison so that he doesn’t threaten the power of [US financier George] Soros and the Democrats,” he said. “The globalists need the European Commission and the US president, and Hungary is the thorn in their side on the way there.”

He said the reason for this was that “Hungary is the freest country in Europe today”. There is a fence on the country’s border and there is family policy instead of immigration, he said. Schools are free of “gender ideology”, Hungary does not deliver weapons to Ukraine and does not want to get dragged into the war, he noted.

Hungarians today are free to decide their fate without any outside influence, Orbán said. “That’s why they want to silence us, and in fact, this year they will try to break us. But we won’t let that happen,” he added.

The prime minister identified the “Soros empire, the Brussels bureaucracy and their allies” as Hungary’s opponents from whom the country’s sovereignty had to be defended. “They’re the ones who will attack our economic sovereignty, want to eliminate our cultural sovereignty and want to take away our political sovereignty,” he said.

Orbán said the attacks against Hungary’s economic sovereignty came in the form of a push to have utility price caps scrapped and protecting multinationals so that they are free to raise prices “and make a profit off the Hungarian people”.

Hungary’s opponents also want to strip the country of the power to protect families, he said. “And if all this wasn’t enough, they want to let GMO-contaminated grain onto the Hungarian market at dumping prices,” Orbán said. “And they also want to tell us where we can by our energy from and for how much.”

Hungary’s cultural sovereignty is under threat from the push to force migrants onto Hungary and set up “Europe’s largest migrant ghetto here”, the prime minister said. “They want to force their gender ideology onto us, and they also want to be the ones to tell us how our universities should function and what can be taught there, even shutting out Hungarian students from joint European scholarship programmes in order to reach their goals,” he said.

The “obviously unlawful” withholding of funds from Hungary is an attack against the country’s political sovereignty, the paper cited Orbán as saying. Meanwhile, Hungary is being forced to make payments to Ukraine, “moreover they would admit Ukraine into the EU without any debate even though it meets none of the criteria set for other member states”, he said.

The prime minister also cited the “shameless foreign intervention in Hungarian public life” through monies sent from abroad. “Of course, in this case money is no object. They’re not giving students, teachers and hospitals the money they’re owed, but are paying the dollar left, the dollar media and dollar civilians,” Orbán said.

The prime minister said Hungary could not give up its freedom of choice, adding that this required that Hungarian families continue to support the government.

“Hungarians don’t believe either the Soros sirens, Brussels or Gyurcsany’s dollar left,” Orbán said.

The fight for Hungary’s freedom will not just be decided in Brussels or in the US, but also in Hungary itself, in the cities and towns, the prime minister said. The supporters of the global elite are to be fined not only among the Brussels elite or the American Democrats, but they are also there in a host of Hungarian cities and towns, he said, pointing out the example of “uncontrolled Budapest where traffic jams, dirt and chaos reign”.

“And there’s also the pseudo-civil groups and the self-proclaimed independent local media that have sprung out of nowhere and aim to create tensions and scaremonger against nationally-minded local councils,” Orbán said. They are all financed from Brussels or through the “Soros network” to set up “garrisons” where nationally-minded forces are in power, he added.

The prime minister said that at stake in next year’s European Parliament and local elections was preserving Hungary’s sovereignty.

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