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Orbán: Hungary to defend itself ‘with all its strength’

Hungary will fight and defend itself with all its strength, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the freshly re-elected head of ruling Fidesz, told the 30th party congress on Saturday. Orbán said it was an "honour" to be given the mandate to lead the "most successful political community of the country, of Europe". Orbán, who has been leading Fidesz since 2003 without interruption, said trust was always an honour, even after so many years.

His last mandate two years ago, he said, had been to lead Fidesz and KDNP to victory in the elections and to form a government that would continue building a strong and sovereign Hungary. “We are in the middle of that cycle . we don’t change horses midway, especially if they pull in the right direction and are still going strong. I am happy to report to congress: the government and I are both going strong, definitely strong enough to manage the remaining two-and-a-half years.”

Regarding the next congress in 2025, he said: “I continue to be in my best years, and plan to remain so in 2025.”

The country cannot be sold out for money with impunity, which is why it is crucial to establish the rules of protecting Hungary’s sovereignty, Orbán said.

“We can’t just move past the proven fact — which has also been admitted by the left — that foreign states, organisations and Brussels itself gave money to the left to defeat Fidesz and the Christian Democrats,” he said.

Foreigners “wanted to buy the future Hungarian government, and with it, the country, by the kilo”, the prime minister said.

“Can the country be sold out for money with impunity?” Orbán asked, adding: “This obviously can’t stay like this.”

“We have to fix this, and we expect our MPs to draw up the rules for the protection of Hungary’s sovereignty, all the way up to the constitution,” he said.

“A lot has happened since the elections, we won a resounding victory.” Orbán said “the entire left wing . worked together against us, and collected all the resources of the western [European] left, money, media, politicians, and governments from the US Democrats to the Ukrainian government”. “Similarly to what happened a month ago in Poland,” he added.

But Hungary started preparing earlier and “knew the strength of our opponents better since the . spider, the puppeteer is a Hungarian: George Soros and his network.”

Orbán said the proven fact — also admitted by the left-wing — that foreign states and organisations, “even Brussels itself gave money to have us defeated” must not be forgotten. Funding the campaign of the opposition leader in last year’s campaign, Peter Marki-Zay, “was the worst investment in Uncle George’s life,” he said, referring to American financier George Soros.

The government has achieved the goals it has set for itself, allowing Hungary to gain new momentum and achieve significant growth even by European standards, ensure higher incomes and a higher minimum wage, he said.

The past two years have proven more difficult than ever due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the related sanctions, the energy crisis and galloping inflation, Orbán said.

Despite the “unprecedented pressure from the West”, Hungary has managed to stay out of the war, he said, adding that the country’s energy supply was secure despite sanctions on gas and oil, while caps on utility bills, jobs and family benefits had been protected.

“I report that we’ve achieved the goals we had set,” Orbán said.

He said the government had thwarted Brussels’s “attempts at financial blackmail”, and the economy was and would continue growing. “But we will, of course, collect those couple of euros they owe us,” he added.

“Even those who voted against us are doing well with us in government,” the prime minister said.

Hungary will defend itself with all its might, he said. “We will reject the crazy ideas of Brussels bureaucrats, we will reject migrant invasion, gender propaganda, the mirages of war, Ukraine’s unprepared EU membership, the green ideologies bordering on communism and Jacobinism, we will protect ourselves from foreign attempts to undermine our sovereignty, even against the Soros empire attacking from Washington and Brussels simultaneously.”

“We must say no to the model of Europe pushed by Brussels,” Orbán said, adding it was unsustainable and had no future. “Brussels is ruining Europe and leading it to its death, and puts a new nail in its coffin every day.”

Orbán said the EU’s end was nigh if things went on the way they had been.

“Or job, our calling, is to stop that from happening.” Hungary’s interest is that the EU, “that was so hard to put together”, stays together, he said. Hungary must change the EU rather than leave it, “but that is only possible with radical change in Brussels,” he said.

If things continue like this, the bloc would not explode, fall apart or collapse, but simply slide apart, Orbán said.

Today, neither the EU nor member states carry out their own decisions, the prime minister said, arguing that the European Commission and the European Parliament were “unabashedly circumventing their own rules”.

What was “really worrying”, he said, was that “everyone has adjusted to this and got used to it”. Brussels’s Europe model is old, while the world has renewed itself and gained fresh momentum, he said.

Orbán said Hungarians had developed a “European counter-model” of their own based on the principles of zero migration, a work-based economy, full employment, strong families, low taxes and a “sensible green transition”.

While self-defence and “being in opposition” had often prompted Hungary to say “no”, “we don’t want to get stuck in the role of a constantly whining Mr. No or Herr Nein”, he said.

Hungary’s strength is nurtured by “our plan, our European counter-model”, he said.

The Hungarian model is visible and well-known due to the frequent attacks levelled at it, he said. “It is also increasingly envied, although the official communication must be different . the French, the Germans and the Italians would give half their lives to have a migrant-free country again.”

Hungary’s “zero-migration policy” guaranteed that “only those we allow to enter may be here. Hungary is the most secure country in Europe right now, which is especially clear in light of the pro-terror conflicts on the streets in western Europe,” he said.

The “Hungarian model” is based on a work-based economy, strong families, a united nation, falling debt, “investments arriving in droves”, trade and cooperation with all countries in the world, a “sensible” green transition, and bringing cutting-edge technology to Hungary, he said.

Hungary today receives more recognition from the politically more critical international green organisations than from the Hungarian green parties, he said.

Orbán said the future of the Hungarian economy was being decided right now because the locations of Europe’s green industry hubs were also being decided now. This, he added, required major private investment.

Hungary’s green policy is not based on ideology or partisanship, the prime minister said, adding that the government said “yes to green energy but no to green ideology”.

He said he knew Hungary to be a country that “doesn’t believe in colourful stories. “We couldn’t stomach the brown stories, either, which were dominated by race and blood, or the red stories dominated by the proletariat and class conflict,” he said. “We also couldn’t stomach the rainbow-coloured stories, and now we’re suspicious of the poison green stories in which nature gets revenge and takes back power. We, Hungarians simply want a clean, healthy and natural world according to the order of creation.”

Orbán said Hungary had to produce and store green energy, adding that the latter capability would be the key to success.

Hungarians, he said, had a chance to become the technological leaders of a new era in the global economy.

“We haven’t had an opportunity like this in 150 years,” the prime minister said. “All the conditions for success are in place; all we need are brave and well-prepared leaders at the national and local levels.”

“We’re making Hungary the meeting point for the most advanced Eastern and Western technology,” he said. This, he added, was the reason why the country was today considered a “champion of connectivity, green energy and new industrial technologies”.

This strategy is what will propel the Hungarian economy upward in the next 15-20 years, ensure that everyone has jobs and attract partner vocational schools and universities, Orbán said.

“We will be strong, rich and green,” he added.

“Our government is a ninja government, because we plan for the enemy, rather than us, to be the one on the ground after the mission, allowing us to return to base safe and sound,” the prime minister said.

The government has to be brave and capable of taking action, Orbán said. It must not back away in the face of unexpected moves, and must know that only disciplined and precise operations can be successful against an overpowering opponent, he added.

Orbán said the first such operation would be the new National Consultation public survey.

The second, he added, would be next year’s European Parliament Election. “We must achieve a breakthrough in Brussels and repel the Gyurcsanyists,” he said.

The prime minister highlighted the local elections as the third key operation.

“We have to win both the European and local council elections,” Orbán said.

“The Good Lord above all of us, Hungary before all else; go Hungary, go Hungarians!” Orbán said, concluding his speech.

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