Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

PM to attend special EU summit in Brussels

Orbán: Hungary must stay out of conflict

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday visited the Armed Forces' Integrated Centre of Operations where he met Defence Minister Tibor Benko and the military officers working to guarantee Hungary's security, the PM's press chief said.

Speaking after the visit, Orbán said the situation in eastern Europe remained “serious and tense”, stressing that all must be done to avoid war.

Hungary must stay out of this military conflict, the prime minister said, adding that what mattered most was the country’s security.

Orbán rejected proposals by the left on sending troops and weapons to Ukraine.

PM to attend special EU summit in Brussels

Orban will travel to Brussels on Thursday to attend a special summit of European Union leaders to discuss the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the PM’s press chief has said.

The emergency summit convened by European Council President Charles Michel is set to start 8pm.

In the invitation sent out to EU leaders, Michel said the agenda would include discussions on protecting “the rules-based international order”, the EU’s approach to Russia and how it should hold the country accountable for its actions, as well as how the bloc should support Ukraine and its people.

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