Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán: Home country protects citizens from trouble

Hungarians need their country "because it is the homeland that protects us from all troubles and dangers" Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Satuday at an officers' graduation ceremony at the National University Of Public Service. "We must be strong, well-prepared and united because it is the only way to prevent us from the dangers our community faces and protect Hungarians' peace and safety," Orbán said.

There are many dangers, with hundreds of thousands of migrants storming Hungary’s borders, western European cities being attacked by terrorists, a deadly virus threatening people in the past two years and most recently, a war starting in a neighbouring country, he said.

The most important task of the state is to protect public order, Orbán said. Any government that is unable to guarantee the safety of life and property will lose the right to expect cooperation from citizens, he added.

Orbán said that in the past, paramilitary organisations were “marching” in the streets and an organised series of murders were committed against Hungarian citizens, but times have since changed.

Over the past thirty years, the lowest number of crimes were committed in Hungary during the past few years, he said. Hungary has become one of the safest countries in Europe and Budapest one of the safest capitals, he added.

In the upcoming decades, the order and safety of a country will represent the greatest advantage in international competition, he said.

“The value of safety is continually growing, while order and security represent Hungary’s hardest currency” he added.

The war in Ukraine shows that one must prepare for all possible scenarios, Orbán said.

He told the graduates that Hungary’s government is offering increasingly favourable conditions to people working in law enforcement. Respect for them is growing as their capabilities and their level of preparedness are also on the increase, he added.

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