Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: MTI

Orbán: Europe balancing the edge between peace, war

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived in Kaposvar, in southern Hungary, on the campaign trail, where he had talks with Mayor Karoly Szita and met voters, the PM's press chief said on Tuesday.

Orbán said “the world is balancing on a knife’s edge”, adding that humanity was on the border between peace and a devastating war that would destroy everything.

“In the past two world wars, we Hungarians learnt that war was a bad thing, a devastating flood that carries everything away. First of all, it brings death and suffering, but it also takes families’ savings, the house and animals. It tramples countries’ economy into the ground and shoots prices into the sky. So when we raise our voices for peace, we’re defending not only human lives but our economy too,” Bertalan Havasi cited Orbán as saying.

The most important thing is to create peace, Orbán said. “Instead of pro-war leftist representatives, we must send pro-peace, right-wing representatives into European institutions,” he said.

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