Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán discusses reopening plans with family affairs organisations

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed strategies concerning Hungary's post-pandemic era with representatives of family affairs organisations, the PM's press chief said on Monday.

Following his talks with the head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the same subject last week, the prime minister discussed Hungary’s post-Covid future with the heads of the Single Parents’ Centre, the National Association of Large Families, the Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation, the Hungarian Kopp Maria Institute for Population Growth and Families, and Family Affairs Minister Katalin Novak.

“The country doesn’t just need to be restarted in terms of the economy,” Orbán said in a Facebook video after the talks. “This lockdown and isolation has been hard on families, and a plan is needed on how we should reopen schools, restart sporting life and study groups, how we should reorganise summer camps and how the country can regain its vim, its self-confidence and how we can regain our trust in each other.”

The organisations presented “several good proposals” many of which will soon be submitted to the cabinet, Orbán said.

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