Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: MTI

Orbán calls for ‘protection of taxation system’

Hungary's current taxation system ensures the resources for development, and therefore needs to be "protected", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Thursday, in his address to the Active Hungary conference.

The functioning tax system “is the heart and soul of our dynamic economy which produces money rather than swallowing it up”, Orbán told the conference in Siofok, western Hungary. “It is important that this functioning economy, which was so hard to build, will not be messed up,” he said.

The government commissioner’s office for an active Hungary, which was set up two years ago, has boosted activity in the sector, Orbán said. The network of institutions can now channel any proposals on further development to political decision makers, he said.

“The race of nations will be decided by which country loves their homeland most,” Orbán said. Strengthening Hungarians’ love and knowledge for their country and nation will be key to them “winning the race of nations in the next 10-20 years”, he said.

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