Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán: ‘Brave, novel’ decisions needed to support growth

"Brave and novel decisions" are needed to make sure economic growth this year exceeds 5.5 percent, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Tuesday.

“If we succeed, we’ll be able to return the income tax paid in 2021 by families with children,” Orbán said.

Referring to the 2020 budget passed earlier in the day, Orbán said the budget law was “a good basis but insufficient in itself” to restart the Hungary’s economy.

Orbán pledged to continue phasing in the 13th month pension and ensure personal income is not paid by people below the age of 25.

Further, an agreement may be reached with companies to raise the monthly minimum wage to 200,000 forints (EUR 569) as well as further reducing labour taxes. “This is a big task but not impossible,” Orbán said.

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