Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán: Anti-paedophile law about protecting children, parents

Hungary's new law against paedophilia stipulates that the sexual education of children is the responsibility of parents alone, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said ahead of a two-day meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels on Thursday, adding that the law served to protect both children and parents. Speaking to reporters, Orbán said it was an "honour" for Hungary whenever another prime minister or the president of the European Council expressed interest in one of its laws.

Orbán said he was prepared to explain that the new law was not about homosexuality, but rather about the sex education of children.

The prime minister said it was “always better to read first” before reacting to a piece of legislation.

He said the law was about protecting parents’ right to decide on the sexual education of their children. “And the state’s job is to create the conditions for parents to be able to practise these rights,” Orbán said. “This is a law aimed at protecting children and parents.”

The prime minister said he was a “fighter” for gay rights. In the communist regime, “homosexuality was punished and I fought for their freedom and their rights,” Orbán said. “So I am defending the rights of the homosexual guys, but this law is not about that.”

On another subject, Orbán praised the performance of Hungary’s national football team in its draw against Germany in their Euro 2020 group F match on Wednesday.

He cautioned against mixing sports with politics, saying that doing so risked excluding those with culturally opposing views.

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