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Opposition writes to minister enquiring about release of convicted people smugglers

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has written to Interior Minister Sandor Pinter with an enquiry about the release from Hungarian prisons of 1,385 foreign people smugglers.

The party wants to know whether the government is not concerned that their mass release may lead to the suspension of Hungary’s Schengen membership and the introduction of dangerous criminals and terrorists to Hungary, DK politician Geza Musto told an online press briefing on Monday.

He also accused the government of allowing thousands of foreign guest workers to enter Hungary.

The ruling Fidesz party said in reaction that “the dollar left” backed “the migrant resettlement plans of Brussels and the Soros network”, would dismantle the border fence and “create migrant ghettos in Hungary”.

Fidesz, it added, insisted on strict border protection; hundreds of thousands of migrants had been prevented from entering the country in recent years.

The ruling party also referred to “aggressive” migrants who “often arrive at the border armed”. This year alone, police arrested 91,000 border violators and 700 people smugglers were hauled before the courts, it added.

It was “outrageous” that Brussels did not support border protection and expected foreign people smugglers to be held in Hungarian prisons at the taxpayers’ expense, the party said.

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