Illustration - Photo: pxfuel

Opposition urges affordable rental housing for workers

The opposition LMP and Jobbik parties on Wednesday vowed to implement an affordable rental housing scheme for working people if the opposition wins the 2022 general election.

LMP lawmaker Marta Demeter told a press conference that she would initiate a pilot project in Budapest’s 8th and 9th districts to provide affordable housing for low-income workers if she was re-elected.

The opposition also wants to enable employers to contribute to their employees’ housing costs through in-kind benefits, she added.

Demeter said it was “unacceptable” that young people were often forced to spend their income on rent. The opposition’s rental housing scheme would make life easier for them while protecting both tenants and landlords and keeping prices affordable, she added.

Daniel Z Karpat of Jobbik told the same press conference that unlike the current government, his party and LMP were concerned about the future of young people, “because everyone deserves a chance to prosper”. Ruling Fidesz, however, “is outsourcing our national wealth to asset management foundations”, Z Karpat insisted.

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