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Opposition: Strengthening European defence alliance key to peace

The united opposition wants peace, and considers stopping Russian President Vladimir Putin, strengthening the European defence alliance and "freeing Hungary from Russia's sphere of interest" as key to that mission, the alliance said on Friday.

Rejecting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement that the opposition was “on the side of war”, the Together for Hungary (Egyutt Magyarorszagert) alliance has called on Orbán to “try to mitigate the fallout of war rather than lying, slandering and inciting hatred.”

Orbán’s see-saw politics constitute the greatest risk for Hungary’s security, the statement said. “The prime minister … continues to make statements serving Russian interests, and incites [Hungarians] against NATO and EU which guarantee the country’s security, and against the opposition.”

The statement issued by the Democratic Coalition, LMP, Momentum, the Everyone’s Hungary Movement, the Socialists, Jobbik and Parbeszed accused Orbán of “trying to live up to the vileness of his role model … Putin.”

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