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Opposition proposes setting up committee to investigate ‘Volner case’

The united opposition has initiated setting up a parliamentary committee to investigate allegations that former state secretary Pal Volner had accepted regular bribes from the president of Hungary's branch of bailiffs.

At a press conference held by the Democratic Coalition (DK), the Socialists, Parbeszed and Momentum of Sunday, Ferenc Gelencser of the Momentum Movement said it was “the biggest scandal of the current government when it turned out that … Volner regularly accepted bribes of 3-5 million forints a time from … Gyorgy Schadl.”

Socialist co-leader Agnes Kunhalmi called for the committee to investigate any possible role of the human resources ministry in the case.

Erik Konczer of the Democratic Coalition noted that DK had earlier filed a report with the police to investigate whether Volner should be placed in house arrest or in prison. The report was dismissed, he said, “because (ruling) Fidesz members wash each other’s hands”. The committee would be a tool to determine “whether Justice Minister Judit Varga, cabinet chief Antal Rogan or [Prime Minister] Viktor Orban had anything to do with this,” he said.

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