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Opposition proposes extraordinary session of parliament

Groups of the parliamentary opposition are porposing an extraordinary session of parliament over Russia's cyber attacks against the foreign ministry, to be held on May 27.

Bence Tordai, group leader of the Parbeszed party, said a recently published document “proves what we had surmised, that Putin’s hackers had practically overtaken the Hungarian government’s IT systems and broke into the whole system of the foreign ministry.”

“It has been known since at least 2017 that practically there is no counter-intelligence against Russia; a political decision was made not to protect Hungary against Russia’s hybrid warfare,” Tordai said. “What we see here is not sovereignty but the attitude of a puppet state,” Tordai added.

The opposition has drafted a resolution to condemn the Russian attack, including an investigation and ramifications of the incident, Tordai said.

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