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Opposition presses ahead with its own committee to examine government’s work

Six opposition parties that had proposed holding a special parliamentary session to evaluate the government's performance during the Covid-19 epidemic were unable to proceed for lack of a quorum, but they have pressed ahead with a committee operating outside of the parliamentary framework nonetheless, Bence Tordai, deputy group leader of the Parbeszed party, told a joint online press conference on Monday.

The six-party group established by the Socialists, the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, LMP, Momentum and Parbeszed had originally proposed the special session with a view to setting up three ad-hoc committees to examine the government’s economic measures, issues around handling the epidemic in Hungary and vaccine purchases, Tordai said.

He said normally it was parliament’s task to monitor the government’s work, adding that over the past few months, the government had failed to wage an effective fight against the pandemic, protect human lives and guarantee security of livelihood.

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