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Opposition pledges continued family assistance, utility fee cuts

Maintaining the current family assistance system and the utility fee cut scheme with changes to make those systems more equitable, as well as a rental home construction programme were among pledges representatives of the opposition Jobbik, Socialist, and LMP parties made ahead of the April elections, at an online press conference on Monday.

Jobbik deputy leader Daniel Z. Karpat said that the allied opposition parties were preparing a detailed programme to ensure accommodation to some 30,000 young people in the next few years. The opposition would “retain, extend, and make fairer” the family assistance measures currently in place, if they won the election, he said, adding that they would also reintroduce a government-assisted savings programme for first home buyers as well as earlier housing subsidies. He insisted that several thousand housing units a year could be created through state construction, enlarging student hostels and utilising abandoned properties.

LMP’s Bernadett Bakos said that the family assistance programme would be modified to make it “socially more equitable”, similarly to the utitility fee cut scheme. Concerning the latter, she said that the utilities could be most effectively cut through modernising heating and insulation systems. She also urged new rules to “equally protect owners and tenants alike”.

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