Peter Magyar – Photo: Facebook

Opposition parties hold campaign closing events

The opposition Respect and Freedom (Tisza) Party held a campaign closing event on Saturday, where party head Peter Magyar called on people to vote at tomorrow's election, saying "bad and corrupt politicians are elected by citizens who don't vote".

At the event held at Budapest’s Heroes’ Square, he said people should reject all attempts of influencing as well as irregular ballot papers.

The party aims to eliminate the power of those with privilege, restore the prestige of education and rebuild health care, he said. Tisza would “eliminate fear-mongering propaganda”, he said.

Should Tisza come to power, it would introduce the euro, join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, “bring home thousands of billions [of funding] from the EU”, introduce a minimum pension and stop the influx of Asian guest workers, he said.

“If you don’t want Hungary to be the most corrupt European country, vote for the Tisza Party,” he said.

At a separate event in Szigetszentmiklos, near Budapest, Klara Dobrev, the top MEP candidate of the allied Democratic Coalition-Socialist-Dialogue parties said the alliance was going to “replace Fidesz from the left”.

The leftist alliance wants a fairer country with more solidarity, and a strong Europe “we call the United States of Europe”, Dobrev said. She said her alliance was facing three right-wing parties: Fidesz, the Our Homeland Movement and the Tisza Party which “all talk about Brussels and double standards and would weaken Hungary” by weakening Europe.

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