Opposition Parbeszed demands that details of Paks 2 contract be made public

The government should make public the Paks 2 contract along with details of changes to the financing conditions of the project, opposition Parbeszed-Greens MEP Benedek Javor said on Sunday.

Even though the government has made repeated promises to reveal the contents of the contract alongside details of changes to the investment’s financing and implementation agreement, it has failed to do so, he said.

Some information related to the changes in the financing agreement were published in the Russian official gazette, he noted. “It looks like Russia is more transparent than Hungary in this respect,” he added.

Javor insisted that the changes revealed benefited Russian interests and allowed it to access payments related to the Paks expansion during the current sanctions regime, not to the benefit of Hungarian taxpayers.

The opposition politician said the government had not succeeded in securing any positive conditions for Hungary in the amendment.

He also cast doubt over whether the project could be implemented amidst the European sanctions and current geopolitical environment.

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