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Opposition: ‘Orbán has driven Hungary into crisis’

Parties of the united opposition accused Viktor Orbán of "having driven Hungary into a crisis", in reaction to remarks made by the prime minister in an interview earlier on Friday.

Laszlo Varju, deputy leader of the Democratic Coalition (DK), told a joint online press conference that “Viktor Orbán has admitted that there is, or will soon be, a crisis and if he gets a mandate to continue to govern, he will prepare to take austerity measures”.

Timea Szabo, co-leader of Parbeszed, said “the prime minister’s remarks were an open admission that he has driven Hungary into a crisis”. “The prime minister and his Fidesz party have done nothing else over the past twelve years but kept stealing,” she said. Szabo noted months and years long waiting lists in health care and food price increases by 100-200 forints week after week, calling Viktor Orbán “the one and only danger to Hungary” today.

Mate Kanasz-Nagy, co-leader of LMP, said Orbán admitted after twelve years of governing that Hungary had faced an economic and social crisis, for which he said the prime minister was to blame. “Close to 20 percent of Hungary’s population live in poverty while more than 600,000 pensioners receive less than 100,000 forints (EUR 272) per month,” he said. Once elected, the opposition will double the family allowance and increase pensions gradually to offset inflation, he said.

Daniel Z Karpat, deputy leader of Jobbik, said Viktor Orbán “has been entirely isolated abroad while he created chaos in government at home”. “The only way out of the economic crisis is an opposition victory,” he said.

In response, Fidesz said if the left wing won the election on April 3 and took power, they would “involve Hungary in the war” in Ukraine and “burden Hungarians with a brutal existential crisis”.

“The left wing has made a pact with the Ukrainians,” the ruling party said in a statement. It said the pact envisaged that Hungary would get involved in the war and impose sanctions on energy deliveries. “As a consequence, Hungary would face an economic, energy and existential crisis,” it said, adding that “Fidesz is the only party that can ensure peace, security and economic stability”.

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