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Opposition MPs call for referendum before Hungary’s potential NATO, EU exit

MPs of the united opposition have submitted a constitutional amendment proposal with a view to ensuring that Hungary cannot leave NATO or the European Union without a referendum, Istvan Szent-Ivanyi said at an online press briefing on Saturday.

The opposition parties want to ensure that in the case of international organisations where Hungary’s membership was preceded by a referendum, it should only be possible to decide on a withdrawal based on a valid and successful referendum, the opposition politician said. He recalled that the referendum on joining NATO was held in 1997 and one on joining the EU in 2003.

According to the Fundamental Law, decisions on international treaties cannot be made by referendum, Szent-Ivanyi said. However, the law also states that the people are the source of public power. Consequently, the people must decide on issues that fundamentally determine the state of Hungary, he said.

The parties of the united opposition believe that Hungary’s place is within the EU, Zita Gurmai, the deputy leader of the Socialists’ parliamentary group, said.

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