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Opposition Momentum slams recent 2023 budget amendment

Opposition Momentum on Friday slammed the government over the amendments it has submitted to the 2023 central budget, saying that next year's budget will be one "triggering, not managing a crisis".

Next year’s amended budget envisages GDP growth of 1.5 percent, a declining budget deficit and falling public debt, the finance ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Momentum in response said the budget is not sufficient in tackling the deepening economic crisis and stopping the deterioration in the standard of living of Hungarians and the inflation triggered by price caps. “This budget will be one of austerities and uncertainty,” the party said, adding that it contained target figures that could not be kept.

“And because of the mistaken government measures, the standard of living of Hungarian families will further deteriorate and the situation of SMEs and municipalities will become more critical,” the party said, demanding that the “irresponsible and corrupt” government “should face up reality and tell people the truth”.

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