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Opposition: Fidesz’s new Romanian party ally ‘Hungarian-haters’

Two politicians of the united opposition called on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday to reveal his position in connection with ruling Fidesz's "new ally" which they branded a "Hungarian-hating" party from Romania.

Jobbik deputy leader and MEP Marton Gyongyosi said Orban was “working towards entering a new coalition with Europe’s extremist and far-right forces”. He accused Orban of carrying out Russian “President Vladimir Putin’s plan to weaken the European Union”.

The Jobbik politician said French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s election campaign was being financed by a Hungarian bank instead of “the Russians”, proving that Orban was “Putin’s Trojan horse in Europe”.

Gyongyosi said the latest meeting of this political grouping was attended by representatives of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), a party “well known for its hatred of Hungarians”.

This, he said, showed that in an effort to cement his power, Orban was “ready to join forces with people that are not only destroying Europe but also dividing the Hungarian nation.”

Jobbik politician Attila Fazakas, the united opposition’s policy expert on Hungarian communities abroad, said the favourite slogan of AUR’s leader was: “Rid the country of Hungarians!” He also said another AUR politician “gets his kicks from” submitting complaints against ethnic Hungarian-led local governments for displaying the Szekler flat or for publishing official gazettes in Hungarian in localities with all-Hungarian residents.

Balazs Hidveghi, an MEP of Fidesz, said that Gyongyosi was “lying” and insisted that AUR had not even been invited to the Madrid meeting, and when its leader turned up, “he was thrown out by the security guards”. “Naturally, the idea of meeting him had not even occurred to Viktor Orban,” he added.

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