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Opposition fact-finding committee hears health experts on pandemic

A parliamentary fact-finding committee set up by the opposition heard health experts about the coronavirus situation in Hungary at an online session on Thursday.

Physician and medical economist Gyula Gilly criticised the lack of targeted and differentiated protective measures and called for better isolation measures and contact tracing going back 8-10 days.

He said coronavirus screening was a neglected area in Hungary, adding that locking up everyone was not a good solution because it failed to separate infected persons from the rest.

As long as herd immunity is not achieved across the nation, everyone should act as if vaccination were not yet available, Gilly told the committee.

Head of the Hungarian ambulance workers’ association Zsolt Kusper said that the sector continued to suffer from staff shortage and ambulance staff often had to take over the tasks of GPs. Many ambulance workers plan to leave their profession because of low wages, a problem that has not been resolved by hikes introduced so far, he added.

Kusper called for mandatory vaccination to all ambulance staff, improving work organisation and control, as well as communication between hospitals, limiting the number of working hours and enabling workers to take out rest-days.

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