Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

Opposition DK: Speaker ‘threatening Dobrev with imprisonment’

According to the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover has threatened Klara Dobrev, DK's MEP and prime ministerial candidate, with imprisonment.

DK’s deputy group leader Gergely Arato, speaking at an online press conference on Thursday, cited Kover as saying in a recent interview to commercial Inforadio that “those seeking to dismantle Fidesz’s rule with a simple majority, dismiss the chief prosecutor or declare the fundamental law unconstitutional should be prosecuted.”

The DK politician said today that: “Securing your autocracy with a two-thirds majority has been in vain; Dobrev will not go weak in the knees when she throws the constitution in the dumpster.” “Perpetrators of the past 12 years”, he said, would be held accountable if DK won next year’s election.

Those currently in power “are afraid that the opposition could restore the rule of law even with a simple majority” and “perpetrators would be punished and thieves sent to prison”, he added.

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