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Opposition accuses Fidesz of vandalising election ads

Opposition politicians on Thursday accused ruling Fidesz and "people associated with Fidesz" of vandalising opposition election ads.

Andras Jambor, a candidate of the united opposition in Budapest’s 6th district, told a press conference that over 1,500 opposition ads had been pasted over with stickers or flyers, or cut off, since the start of the campaign.

“After twelve years in government, Fidesz is still incapable of doing anything but vandalising, stealing and lying,” he said.

Parbeszed campaign chief David Dorosz said almost all candidates had had their ads vandalised. Fidesz is “trying to get votes with vandalism and a hate campaign,” he said. He insisted that cabinet minister Antal Rogan had launched the “hate and smear campaign… because he looks down on voters and thinks that elections are won by aggressive Putinesque methods.”

Parbeszed co-leader Timea Szabo slammed Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín for “inciting hatred and destruction rather than governing for 12 years”. She insisted that the opposition had not vandalised ruling party ads.

At the end of the press conference, Jambor, Dorosz and Szabo put on display a banner with the slogan “Stop ad vandalism! Dear Fidesz! You destroy, we build!”

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