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Online National Consultation survey on green energy open until April 15

Hungarians can fill out the National Consultation survey on green energy online until April 15, a key element to "Hungary truly taking part in the energy policy turnaround currently under way worldwide," a government commissioner told a press conference on Tuesday.

Analysts have said that by 2030, Hungary would have the world’s fourth largest production capacity for storage for green energy, behind China, the US and Germany, Laszlo Gyorgy said.

Investments connected to green energy will be at the root of Hungary’s economic growth and well-paying jobs, he told the press conference in Gyor, in north-western Hungary.

The country has already achieved the solar capacity it had targeted for 2030, in an important step to have 90 percent of the country’s electricity produced without carbon emissions by 2030, he added.

To facilitate the green transition, the government has launched a 75 billion forint (EUR 192.3m) solar energy programme and a scheme supporting the purchase of electric cars, as well as a programme to support localities above 25,000 inhabitants only if the buses they purchased were electricity-driven, Gyorgy said.

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