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One police officer dead, several other officers injured in Esztergom blast

An investigation is ongoing in Esztergom, northern Hungary, at a site where a wanted man triggered a blast of a gas cylinder during a police operation, the Central Investigation Prosecutor's Office (KNYF) told MTI late on Wednesday.

In the blast that occurred on the city’s outskirts, one police officer, a member of counter-terrorism force TEK, died and four police officers and firefighters were seriously injured, KNYF said in a statement. Seven other police officers and firefighters sustained light injuries, it said, adding that “there are no civilians among those injured”.

According to preliminary information, the perpetrator also died in the blast, KNYF said.

Investigators say a TEK unit arrived at the site to conduct an operation at around 7pm. They raided the building after a man, listed on a criminal warrant, declined repeated calls to cooperate and, according to preliminary information, decided to explode a gas cylinder, KNYF said.

An inspection with the involvement of several investigative authorities is still ongoing at the site, KNYF said.

President Katalin Novak expressed her deepest condolences to the family members of the police officer who died in the blast. In a post on Facebook, she wished those injured a speedy recovery.

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