Ombudsman voices concern over ‘statements threatening Hungary’s constitutional order’

Ahead of the general election next spring, "statements threatening Hungary's constitutional order and democracy are gaining traction," forcing the leaders of institutions that protect it to take a stand, Akos Kozma, Hungary's ombudsman of fundamental rights, said on Friday.

“Respecting the rule of law and protecting our constitutional values … is our shared duty,” Kozma said in a statement. “Attempts to remove public officials unlawfully or to change the constitution by means that are contrary to the regulations … threaten the foundations of rule of law,” the ombudsman added.

While the pluralism of values and principles is an important pillar of democracy, “certain requirements of the rule of law must enjoy full acceptance in society as a foundation of the democratic state,” Kozma said.

The prime ministerial candidate of Hungary’s joint opposition has indicated that he would initiate a referendum on his plan to overturn Hungary’s constitution should he assume power.

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