Illustration - Photo: MTI

Official promises continued support to ethnic kin on Hungarian Diaspora Day

Hungarians living in diaspora will continue to get protection and support, an official at the Prime Minister's Office department for Hungarian communities abroad said on Wednesday, marking Hungarian Diaspora Day.

The Hungarian parliament declared the date as Hungarian Diaspora Day in 2015, as November 15 marks the birthday and death of Gabor Bethlen, a 17th century king of Hungary and prince of Transylvania.

The aim of Hungarian Diaspora Day is to draw attention to ethnic Hungarian communities that “preserve their national ties and enrich the present of Hungary”, Arpad Janos Potapi said on Facebook.

Ever since 2010, the government has been working to ensure that even the smallest ethnic Hungarian communities are “strong bastions of the nation” and has helped numerous investment and development projects over 13 years, he added.

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