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Official: Hungary-Turkiye ties highly important for energy security

Hungary-Turkiye ties are of vital importance in general and also from the point of energy security, an official of the ministry of European Union affairs said in Ankara in an interview to Turkish news agency Anadolu.

Parliamentary state secretary Barna Pal Zsigmond said on Facebook on Friday that cooperation should be further strengthened, and he had great expectations concerning the 6th meeting of the high-level Strategic Cooperation Council to be attended by the leaders of both countries in Budapest in December.

Commenting on the war in Ukraine, he told Anadolu that Hungary’s position coincided with Turkiye’s. “We hope that the sides will reach a ceasefire and sign a peace agreement as soon as possible,” he said.

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of Hungary and Turkiye establishing diplomatic relations, he said, adding that a joint cultural season will be held, helping people from both countries to learn about each other’s culture and traditions.

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