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Official: Hungary to rank 4th by 2030 globally in green energy storage

Hungary is set to have the largest green energy storage capacity in the world by 2030, after China, the US and Germany, a government official said on Tuesday, also noting that its climate protection plan announced in 2020 set the goal of producing 90 percent of the country's electricity from green, carbon dioxide-neutral sources by 2030.

“We’ve now got to the point that solar panel capacities planned for 2030 will be completed in 2024,” Laszlo Gyorgy, the government commissioner for professional cooperation in economic strategic tasks, told a press conference in Nyiregyhaza, in eastern Hungary.

Various schemes have been launched to increase energy storage capacity and promote the green transition, he said, noting 75 billion forints-worth of subsidies for households and 30 billion forints available for businesses for purchasing electric cars, among other programmes.

Referring to a public survey on green energy consultation the government launched recently, he said the 13-question online questionnaires can be completed by April 15. The government wants to know whether citizens support Hungary “being the leader of the energy revolution” and whether energy should be produced in an environmentally friendly way. It also wants to understand attitudes to “the domestic production and development of energy storage systems” and whether homes “should be linked to this green system”, he said,

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