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Official: Government to raise nurses’ pay by 18 percent in July

Nurses and auxiliary health-care staff will benefit from a pay rise of 18 percent from July, the state secretary in charge of health care told a press conference on Tuesday.

The government has set aside 50 billion forints (EUR 135,4m) for the wage hikes this year, Peter Takacs said, adding that some 84,000 nurses and 24,000 technicians will get higher salaries. Employers are set to receive 57,600 forints each month per employee for the purpose, he added.

The state secretary referred to a qualified nurse who has been working for 4-6 years, noting that their salary will increase from 423,000 forints to 499,000 forints on July 1. A nurse with 20 years of experience is set to earn as much as 583,000 forints, he added.

Takacs also announced that the government was planning to take “an even larger step” in its pay rise programme for health workers next March to “prevent the wage gap between doctors and nurses from deepening further”.

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