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Official: Government providing HUF 160 billion for electricity network developments

The government is contributing 160 billion forints towards the development of the electricity network to enhance its flexibility, an energy ministry official said on Monday.

Parliamentary state secretary Zsofia Koncz said at an event held in the southern Hungarian city of Szeged that the government aimed to ensure that as much energy as possible is produced from domestic sources.

Hungary’s proportion of solar energy in the electricity mix is the sixth highest in the world and the third highest in Europe, and 1,100 MW of solar capacity was built here last year, she sad. Solar capacity exceeded 4,000 MW at the end of 2022, while more than 700 MW has been added in the first four months of this year, she added.

Plans are to build 6,000 MW of solar capacity by 2030, though it is possible that this goal may be doubled, Koncz said. On May 1, carbon-neutral sources covered domestic electricity demand for 15 minutes, she added.

The completion of the Feher Lake substation in Szeged “is the first phase in a series of investments aimed at developing the energy network”, she said at the inauguration ceremony.

Koncz highlighted the importance of achieving the right energy balance, adding that three combined-cycle gas turbine power plant blocks are being built.

The Ministry of Energy is also supporting the development of battery energy storage, she said.

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