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Official: Government plans to respond to Brussels with legal steps

The process of resolving the matter of Hungary's Erasmus education funding shows the European Commission's disregard for the formal rules of discourse, the state secretary for international communications has said.

Speaking on the podcast Mandiner Reakcio, Zoltan Kovacs said issues concerning the Erasmus funding had been cleared up “in under an hour” at recent talks between Tibor Navracsics, the minister in charge of European Union resources, and EU commissioners.

“Our biggest problems with the behaviour of the two EU institutions, the EC and the European Parliament, is that despite the existence of a dividing line in the Treaties between the competencies of member states and the competencies of institutions, attempts are made again and again to use elusive rule of law criteria to enter areas where they have no business at all,” he said. “Such areas include media and culture, and now higher education, while earlier it was health care and migration,” he added.

Kovacs said that legal steps must be taken if the situation is not resolved quickly. Those steps will be revealed “in the coming days or weeks”, he added.

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