The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Official: Government not to yield to ‘EP pressure’

The Hungarian government will "not yield to pressure by the European Parliament and insist on its pro-peace position", Zoltan Kovacs, state secretary for international communications, said on Thursday.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Twitter, as well as on, the state secretary said the EP was “again attacking Hungary, this time trying to prevent the country from taking over the EU rotating presidency in the second half of 2024”.

“The real reason is clear: they don’t like Hungary’s pro-peace stance and they want to force us into the war,” Kovacs insisted. But the Hungarian government will stick to its position, he said, adding that “Hungary urges peace and an instant ceasefire because lives can only be saved that way”.

Hungary will take over the rotating presidency next year and will put on the agenda such topics as demographic challenges in Europe and the promotion of family policy “rather than migration”, he insisted.

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