Illustration - Photo: pxfuel

Official: Government employment scheme amounts to HUF 15 billion

The government has so far allocated over 15 billion forints (EUR 41.2m) to companies in an effort to boost employment, a state secretary at the innovation and technology ministry said on Thursday.

Tamas Schanda said that the funds had helped some 28,000 people to get jobs, especially in the eastern parts of Hungary. Companies are eligible to an employment subsidy for each registered job seeker they employ, and will get fifty percent of the monthly gross wage and employer taxes up to 100,000 forints for six months, totalling 600,000 forints.

“Hungarians wish to earn their living rather than live on benefits,” Schanda said, adding that Hungary’s employment was at a record high level, with 4.7 million people working. “Hungarian families will benefit even more from the economic growth through an almost 20 percent hike in minimum wages,” Schanda said.

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