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Official: Flood management ‘superb’

The authorities combatting flooding on Hungary's rivers have performed superbly in recent days, partly owing to experiences gained during the great floods ten years ago, a government official said on Thursday.

Torrential rain in western parts of the country has resulted in the serious swelling of rivers, Istvan Gyorgy, a state secretary of the prime minister’s office, told a press conference in Dravaszabolcs by the River Drava, adding that flood barriers in Baranya County have held strong this past week.

Instructed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, officials participating in flood protection efforts have maintained close online communication with the government, he noted, also highlighting the contributions of the police, disaster managers, water experts, and local mayors.

The River Drava at Dravaszabolcs is expected to peak on Friday morning at a near-record level, he said.

Fully 31 settlements in the Dravaszabolcs area are being protected, and the first signs of subsidence on the river at Szentborbas has been observed, so flood protection efforts will be maintained in perilous sections of the Drava until the end of next week, a water management official said.

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