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Official: Drones increasingly in use for police work

Police have used drones in 2,400 cases this year, including 1,100 cases against those violating traffic regulations, an interior ministry state secretary said on Friday.

Partly thanks to developments in police equipment and the acquisition of modern technology, the number of crimes has dropped to one third compared to 2010, Bence Retvari told a presser.

During the same period, the number of police has increased by 3,000 to 36,500, and Hungary has become the world’s 13th safest country, he added.

In addition to traffic control, drones are being used to monitor areas that are difficult to access, he said. They are also in use for revealing illegal migration at the southern borders, securing events, finding missing persons and illegal waste dumps, and crime scene investigation, he added.

Istvan Jambor, the head of national police’s traffic control department, said that police currently had 60 drones and some 300 officers had been trained to operate them.

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