Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Official: Brussels ‘threatening Hungary’ over migration pact

"Brussels is already threatening an infringement procedure unless Hungary implements the (EU's) migration pact," Barna Pal Zsigmond, a state secretary of the ministry for European affairs, said on Friday.

The pact, recently adopted by “the leftist majority” of the European Parliament, seeks to “make Hungary accommodate migrants with greater force than ever,” he said.

The government’s position is unchanged: Hungary must be saved from the settling in of migrants . “Hungarians don’t want Hungary to become a migrant country,” the state secretary said.

After Hungary and Poland openly opposed the pact, “a threat immediately arrived from Brussels: the commissioner of domestic affairs threatened members not implementing the migration pact with an infringement procedure,” he said.

The state secretary noted that the migration pact would not take effect before the European Council also adopted the package.

“Brussels could not even wait for the final decision, they have already started blackmailing the anti-migration members,” Zsigmond said.

“Change is needed in Brussels; we need European leaders and EP members that will protect Europe and Hungary from migration and war,” he insisted.

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