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Offices to be set up for Hungarians abroad looking to settle in Hungary

Hungary is opening special offices for members of the Hungarian diaspora looking to settle temporarily or permanently in Hungary, Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover said in an interview with business website on Friday.

Kover said it was important for Hungarians to feel at home in Hungary, wherever they may live in the world, and know that they can always return home.

The new offices will be linked to the existing government windows and act as one-stop shops for all public administration concerning resettlement in Hungary, Kover said.

The speaker said Hungary was now at a point where it was in constant contact with Hungarian diaspora organisations and involving them in the decisions of the Hungarian Diaspora Council. Hungary is carrying on with its measures supporting the unification of the nation, the speaker said.

He hailed the success of the government’s scheme aimed at supporting ethnic Hungarian businesses across the Carpathian Basin, saying that decision-makers in Hungary’s neighbours were now recognising that the programme was also beneficial to the local economy.

The unification of the nation is a strategic goal, Kover said, adding however that the focus at the moment was not on launching new major investment projects but rather on preserving the existing achievements and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the institutional system established in ethnic Hungarian communities.

Just as during the pandemic, the government has kept all its programmes supporting Hungarians abroad going amid the difficult economic situation caused by the sanctions imposed in connection with the war in Ukraine, the speaker said. “In fact, there are areas in which we are increasing support for Hungarians abroad,” he added. Detailing the achievements of economic development programmes, Kover said more than 60,000 businesses had received subsidies, adding that most of the people employed by these companies are Hungarian.

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