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October 23 – Official: Hungarians ‘always win’ if united

Hungarians can always win if they are united and they are capable of anything for their family and country, an official of the foreign ministry said on Monday, marking the anniversary of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising.

State secretary for bilateral relations Tamas Menczer told a commemoration in Budakeszi near Budapest that Hungarians had made a clear decision in October 1956 when they refused to give up their freedom, independence and sovereignty, and were ready to fight for it.

The West watched with sympathy but “forgot to help” which showed that “Hungarians’ freedom is only important to Hungarians”, he said.

Fighting for their family and country united Hungarians and gave them strength, Menczer said.

In the current age, it is also important to clarify some issues that only the Hungarians decide for themselves, he added.

Only parents can tell their children what is good or bad, and direct them in the important issues of the world, he said. In the age of migration, it is a matter of sovereignty that a country should have the right to defend its security and a matter of freedom that “only we, Hungarians can decide if a war is our war or not our war”, he added.

Menczer said the European Union is an alliance that Hungary belongs to, and it is built on the principle that all countries are equal, so the important issues are decided together and every member’s word is worth the same. Hungarians should not be made to pay the price of decisions that others made, he said.

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