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October 23 – Mi Hazank leader: Global opening against globalisation needed

"A global opening is needed" to take action against globalisation, Laszlo Toroczkai, the leader of opposition Mi Hazank, said, commemorating the 1956 uprising in Budapest on Monday.

Communism, he said, was shape-shifting and “stronger than ever”. Internationalism, all about “destroying nations and enslaving peoples” was “even more potent”, he added.

“This, like the international financial system, a parasite on the world, must be brushed away,” he said.

Toroczkai said the world was fast-changing and this entailed the “shocking loss of Hungarianness and the peoples of the northern civilisation”. But historical experiences had endowed Hungarians with the greatest wisdom in a crisis, he added.

He said the unipolar world dominated by the US “seems to be ending”. “We must do everything we can to prevent this process from leading to another world war; this would bring even greater destruction than the previous two.”

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