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Novak submits resignation to parliament

Katalin Novak, who announced her decision to resign from the post of president on Saturday, has tendered a written statement of her resignation to parliament, according to parliament's website.

Under the law, the president can resign by submitting a written statement, while the resignation requires parliament’s approval to be complete. Parliament is allowed 15 days to request the president to reconsider her decision. If the president maintains her decision, parliament cannot deny its approval.

The mandate of the president expires 15 days after the signing of the resignation statement, or on the day parliament approves the resignation.

Under the constitution, parliament shall elect a successor within 30 days of the expiry of the previous president’s mandate.

Mi Hazank nominates economist Magdolna Csath for Hungary president

The opposition Mi Hazank has named economist Magdolna Csath as their nominee for Hungary’s next president, according to a social media post published by party leader Laszlo Toroczkai on Monday.

“It is high time Hungary’s president is no longer a political party stalwart,” Toroczkai said, adding that Csath “meets that requirement”. Csath’s career has earned her “broad recognition”, Toroczkai said, suggesting that she could be supported by the other parties.

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