Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Novak holds talks with Fejer County leaders

President Katalin Novak held talks with leading politicians and officials of Fejer County, in central Hungary, on Thursday, the first of a two-day visit to the county.

At the talks at the Karolyi Castle in the village of Fehervarcsurgo, Novak said she had got the idea to briefly move the presidential office outside Sandor Palace from her German counterpart. The same is being done in Hungary now, with the presidential office relocating to different counties, she said, noting that Fejer County was the sixth such location.

Novak said the purpose of her visits to the various counties was to personally learn about the challenges of the given region, the issues faced by the locals and things they are proud of.

Krisztian Molnar, the (Fidesz) head of the Fejer County assembly, said the closed-door meeting with the president had focused on issues to be resolved in the future and key developments for the county, in which they had asked Novak for her support.

These involve infrastructure developments such as road widening projects, the construction of a V4 youth centre in Sukoro and the revamp of an intermodal junction in Bicske, he said. Talks also covered issues such as the future of Lake Velence and its water supply as well as the situation of the troubled Dunaferr steel plant, Molnar said.

Novak later travelled to Mor, where she met students at the Radnoti Miklos Primary School which had been attended by Nobel laureate physicist Ferenc Krausz. She then laid a wreath in the Reformed church in Sukoro in honour of the Battle of Pakozd.

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