Katalin Novak – Photo: koronavirus.gov.hu

Fidesz strictly dissociates itself from parties that fail to support constitutional order, minister says

Novak: Fidesz ready to fill house of European conservatives with life

Deputy head of ruling Fidesz Katalin Novak said in German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sontag that Fidesz is ready to fill the house of European conservatives with life, after it had become increasingly empty.

Novak, who is also Hungary’s minister for families, said in the article titled Europe’s House of Conservatives that Fidesz would open the doors to new impulses and new residents so that more and more people could learn how well they could live in it.

She said Fidesz represented true conservative values and Europe needs a democratic right wing that “does not lag behind the left-green zeitgeist, but rather shapes the future of Europe with the cooperation of right-wing parties”.

“So can we create a home for millions of Europeans, also in a political sense. And that can also mean a renaissance for the right-wing democratic parties in Europe. It is our Willkommenskultur for Europe, ” she said.

Novak rejected European People’s Party group leader Manfred Weber’s claims that Fidesz had become a far right party and entered into an alliance with AFD. She said CDU and CSU were Fidesz’s natural political allies in Germany and “we do not seek an alliance with other German parties even if some want to create that impression”.

Fidesz strictly dissociates itself from parties that fail to support constitutional order, she said.

“We are the only such political power in Hungary, as the entire opposition including post-communists, socialists, liberals and the Greens has struck an alliance with an openly anti-Semitic and racist party (Jobbik) in order to be able to run joint candidates against us in the next elections,” she said.

“We Hungarians have been living as a Christian nation in the heart of Europe for over a thousand years and we know which direction we’re going”, she said. “We have specific ideas about how we should preserve our culture and national values while we build a competitive and modern country. We treat everyone with hospitality if they come to us with respect and with the notion of a common future,” she added.

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