Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Novak: Family-friendly Hungary shared aim, regardless of party affiliations

Making Hungary family-friendly is an aim that most Hungarians identify with regardless of party affiliations, ruling Fidesz's nominee for president, currently the minister in charge of family affairs, said in an interview with daily Magyar Hirlap on Friday.

Katalin Novak said she considered it a great honour that she would become Hungary’s first female president if she gets the support of parliament. She added that the significance of her nomination went far beyond her person, stating that it would give her “special responsibility” to be the first female president.

Novak said that being a mother of three also helped her understand the importance of setting a good example.

“The post of president also means that one must behave in a way and represent certain values that others could follow,” she said.

She added that her husband would become the first First Gentleman in Hungary, saying that even though she had undertaken the nomination and would fill the post as an individual, it would “not be a one-person act, not a one-woman show”.

Referring to the international aspects of her future role, she said that a president represented the country at the highest level and her work would involve promoting Hungary’s family-focused thinking.

“I will represent this at the level of president, an issue that concerns our whole nation,” she added.

Commenting on a recent visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Budapest, she said that despite some differences in opinion, there were several areas where they had common views, citing nuclear energy and the importance of protecting European borders.

“In some respects, even migration belongs to these areas, even if France’s approach to migration, due to its history, is completely different from Hungary’s,” she said. “We will not change our position but if we stand on the ground of mutual respect and accept that we have a different approach, it is a good starting point.”

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