Katalin Novak – Photo: koronavirus.gov.hu

Novak: Bavarian CSU continues to regard Fidesz as ‘natural partner’

The Christian Social Union (CSU) of Bavaria continues to regard Hungary's ruling Fidesz as its "natural partner" and stands ready for continuing cooperation with the party, Katalin Novak, Fidesz's deputy leader, said in Munich on Wednesday.

Novak, who is minister in charge of family affairs, held talks with top CSU politicians in the Bavarian capital.

Members of Bavaria’s ruling party know that “Fidesz is the centre-right force in Hungary with which it is worthwhile to cooperate as they also understand and are aware of the threat the allied opposition poses,” Novak told MTI.

In CSU’s view, the Hungarian opposition uniting parties from the left, through the liberals and greens to the political right “would pose a serious threat to us all if it came into power”, she said.

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