No winner declared in tender for former Klubradio frequency

Hungary's top media authority on Thursday closed a tender for the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest formerly used by private broadcaster Klubradio without declaring a winner.

Even though Klubradio was the sole bidder for the frequency, its offer was rejected for failing to comply with several requirements, the communications directorate of the Media Council of Hungary’s National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) said in a statement.

Citing public company records, it argued that because the station popular with opposition listeners had a history of “illicit business operations”, a petition for the compulsory winding up of the company could be launched at any time under the corporate regulations in force.

The council also pointed out several errors in Klubradio’s programme plan. It said the plan failed to comply with “the fundamental requirements of radio broadcasting” and contained anomolies which “cannot be accepted in the case of any bid”.

The council argued that under Hungary’s media law and the principle of equal treatment, it could not overlook the errors in Klubradio’s bid.

Last month, the Budapest Municipal Court rejected a legal challenge by Klubradio against a decision by the NMHH not to renew its licence. The court said that under the relevant law, the Media Council had no room to consider Klubradio’s appeal due to “repeated offences” committed by the broadcaster.

Last September, the NMHH announced that it would call another tender for the 92.9 MHz frequency, as it was not renewing Klubradio’s licence due to its violations of the media law.

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